Zebrafish for Innovation and Research - Allende Lab

Our lab is interested in revealing the molecular and cellular basis of neural development, regeneration and innate immune function. We use genetic and genomic tools to discover molecular mechanisms and to characterize cell behaviors in vivo. We also employ the zebrafish as a model for toxicological and environmental screening. We are part of the FONDAP Center for Genome Regulation (CGR) and of the Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile.

In addition to our basic research, we have developed services based on the use of zebrafish (environmental toxicology and assessment, aquaculture research, compound screening). For further information, please visit the Danio Biotechnologies website.

Our work within the CGR aims to characterize the genomes of South American killifish (order Cyprinodontiformes) including those of the Orestias genus from the salt lakes of the North of Chile (pictured). Watch a short video (in Spanish) on the project. 

Male austrolebias

We also are studying the developmental genetics of annual fish from the Austrolebias genus, which inhabit the marshlands of the Atlantic coast of South America. The image shows a male specimen of Austrolebias charrua from Uruguay.

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